10 Amazing Instagram Stories Examples

If you’re looking for tips and tricks in getting the most out of advertising through Instagram Stories, it may be beneficial to review efficient examples to draw inspiration. Continue reading to see these fantastic Instagram Stories examples.

Since the introduction of Instagram Stories in 2016, the Instagram Stories format has gained immense popularity among advertisers. This is because the lively and arousing format has proved highly efficient in social networks.

 How to Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Stories

Agencies have reported 2-3x more engagement from Instagram Stories than regular Instagram content. In April 2017, Instagram Stories increased by 25% over Snapchat videos in daily users and 200 million daily users.

Here Are Great Instagram Stories Examples

Below are ten companies that utilize Instagram Stories to the advantage of their digital presence. Each brand employs different strategies to communicate its message and attract customers.

The story ads featured in these are innovative, effective, eye-catching, and original. Inspiring yourself from them will assist you in taking your own branded Instagram Stories advertisements to the next stage.

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1. Daily Harvest Keeps It Short and Sweet

Daily Harvest is a brand that sells healthy fresh, unprocessed food frozen for convenience. Their Instagram Stories typically employ a sequence of appealing and crisp pictures and a few lines of text to drive the message into the heart of the matter and attract viewers.

They use a well-planned headline and provide all the information needed; however, they keep it short and well-organized for easy reading.

2. Alexander McQueen Creates An Air Of Mystery

Certain brands, like Alexander McQueen, opt not to include any text. If your digital brand has solid images and products that you sell, this could be a better choice. This advertisement showcases women wearing extravagant attire in the jungle, with no explanation at all.

It’s an intriguing and strategic decision that works in a particular manner. Research has shown that readers feel anxious and tense when there are information gaps.

To correct this problem, they’ll do everything to fill in the gap. The fact that they leave out details makes people more curious. The more curious, the more likely they are to click.

This may sound counterintuitive; however, making your product less visible through social media could be beneficial, particularly when trying to reach a more wealthy market. This is known as”the Luxury Strategy.

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3. Follain Understands The Power of Silence

Many people use advertisements on social media while on the move, meaning they’re viewing them while on the move and frequently in public areas without sound.

Keep this in mind when designing Instagram Stories ads is essential. They should be easy and, above all, visual. Beauty brand Follain is an excellent example of simple, visually compelling advertisements.

Not only are they offering an effortless and visually pleasing experience, but they also pose a question. This makes the advertisement interactive and helps draw the attention of viewers.

The ad also includes a call to action that directs users to an enormous discount, encouraging them to engage with the ad.

4. CPK Frozen Pizza Throws A Boomerang

Boomerangs can be incredibly efficient if you’re trying to attract the younger generation of social media users. They start with a video, take ten photographs, and turn it into a brief video with a more stylized stop-motion look.

Have a look at CPK Frozen Pizza’s ad that features grated cheese

Boomerangs are a favorite among Instagrammers and are sure to draw their attention. It is essential to adapt your advertising strategy to different social media platforms and understand the preferences and dislikes of specific communities to reach them.

5. Noom Gets Weird

Instagram Stories can be an ingenious format that allows plenty of space for users to be creative and even more experimental. Social media users see hundreds of daily clips, images, videos, and memes. Therefore it’s essential to maximize the opportunities to make an impact with visual impact.

The healthy lifestyle brand Noom does this with the release of a clip that appears like it’s in an experimental film, a woman about to smash an egg with the tool.

It’s not about being a part of the crowd or meeting the requirements. It’s about creating an impression. The more you can influence your audience, the more strange, the more enjoyable.

6. Hopper Offers Rewards

In a world where interactive content reigns supreme, it may be challenging to create it in just a few seconds provided in Instagram Stories. However, an interactive advertisement could be as simple as offering users an incentive or promotion when they swipe or click.

Hopper gives rewards to Instagram stories.

Hopper is a budget travel app. Hopper offers the chance to save money to those who download and swipe their application. Giving value is a great way to get prospective customers excited and involved with your business.

7. M. Gemi Understands The Human Element

M. Gemi Understands The Human Element

The public no longer seeks to buy products from brands but instead engages with brands genuinely. What could be more authentic than sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your brand’s digital presence at work?

Italian production company M. Gemi uses Instagram Stories to give customers an insider’s view.

This is beneficial for many reasons. It helps educate people about their company’s brand. It also gives an authentic style that helps customers feel more at ease and informed about their products.

This is particularly effective in luxury, beauty, and fashion brands with more culturally-oriented and specific customer bases.

8. Postmates Masters FOMO

If you’re confused about FOMO and the field of FOMO marketing, let’s look at it in detail. FOMO means:

Fear Of Missing Out,

Many young people experience an uneasy feeling when they cannot attend events or activities that appear essential or fun, which is what FOMO is a description of. Instagram Stories disappear and create a feeling of urgency.

If users wish to benefit from any deals, offers or specials need to take advantage of it fast or risk losing out.

Courier App Postmates takes that an additional step with this advertisement:

Alongside an ad that is short-lived in itself, the advertisement also includes a promotion that has an expiration date of 7 days. If you’re trying to attract a younger audience, FOMO marketing and increasing the pressure is highly efficient.

9. She In Highlights Their Strengths

Instagram Stories can show off multiple items quickly, without having to do anything. The clothing brand SheIn is a master at this.

One thing she is also doing one thing she does on Instagram is to use the brand new Highlights feature available on Stories. This feature lets you show stories that are not within the standard 24-hour timeframe and label them.

This is a great way to organize things to make it easier for your viewers and highlight your most effective advertisements.

10. A Quiet Place Keeps Things Relatable

Instagram Stories only takes a few seconds to get the message to your audience. If you’re doing it in a small amount, they won’t be exciting; however, if you use it excessively, you may confuse your viewers. You need to be thoughtful in the way you present your story.

One strategy is to highlight people who are relatable in your ads. People are drawn to characters and their human-like emotions. The movie “A Quiet Place” taps into this by presenting the emotions-inspiring reactions of the characters.

A Quiet Place Instagram stories

The Secret To Effective Instagram Stories Ads

Ultimately, the strategies you decide to use are determined by your image and the products you sell. If your advertisements are enigmatic, bright, bizarre, or relatable, they should reflect your brand’s digital image and products.

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Suppose you choose to go for an intriguing mystery. In that case, all successful Instagram advertisements share three elements: a sense of urgency, an abundance of authenticity behind the scenes, or a stylish Boomerang.

Ads push users to take action immediately.

They are a uniform visual representation of brands, They make a statement

Have you ever tried Instagram Stories ads?

If yes, were they successful?

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