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7 Easy Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers:

Written by Adrian With its massive 1 billion daily active members,

 Instagram is one of the few social media platforms to exceed that 1 billion mark. Instagram’s popularity soared because users can share their visual narratives mostly via photos and videos.

This has enticed sellers and marketers to utilize Instagram as a marketing tool to increase the visibility of their brands and establish a loyal audience.

But how can you increase the number of Instagram followers? In this post, you’ll discover easy yet effective methods to build a huge following on Instagram — ones that do not require you to pay someone to gain more followers on Instagram, which might not be genuine active or the ideal target audience for yours. Are you looking to increase the number of real faithful Instagram followers? Let’s go!

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1.Use hashtags that are relevant to your post.

The purpose behind hashtags is usually to boost the visibility of a blog post. If, for instance, you are a gym user searching to find a bottle of water, and you produce water bottles designed to be used in gyms, and you want to be using the hashtag #watterbottle along with gym in the posts.

Utilizing relevant hashtags can enable you to reach a new audience or reach more people who might want to know more about your company. Hashtags provide a way for users to locate your blog posts.

The more easily they can find you, the easier it will be it is possible to persuade them to follow your account. In addition, hashtags can be followed the way you do with a normal Instagram account. Instagram uses hashtags to notify users who liked posts using the same hashtags repeatedly.

Here are some easy methods to increase the number of Instagram followers using hashtags. Choose the top hashtags that are suitable for your needs.

Please don’t choose the most popular hashtags because they’re well-known. It will result in many followers of poor quality who don’t resonate with your brand. Find relevant hashtags by using free Instagram analytics tools such as the Website. For instance, I searched for sneakers and found all the popular hashtags with them.

I was able to get the list of hashtags that are keyword-related in addition to their popularity. Alternately you could use Instagram to find relevant and popular hashtags for you. By using its search feature, you can enter your desired hashtag, which will then display a list of the most well-known hashtags and the number of instances they’ve been used. Use hashtags that mix and match, but don’t use them repeatedly.

Instagram can only allow thirty hashtags for each post. Make the most of your hashtags, but don’t go overboard. Limit the use of hashtags to 4 hashtags in each article. Don’t use the same hashtags on each post, as Instagram could be a trigger for this type of behavior as it is considered spammy.

Pick hashtags with a clear goal in mind. Instead of using common hashtags such as #loved or #joyful, select the most appropriate ones to reflect the goal or the intention behind the post. You can also narrow the hashtags you use by the location of your post or the kind of audience you’re targeting.

For instance, Casa India, a Mexican restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles, uses location-specific hashtags related to the audience or product, such as #downtownLA foodporn.

Use hashtags in your bio. In the past, Instagram allows you to add hashtags to your bio. If you’re a #italianrestaurant or food blogger, now you can include any hashtag you’d like to.

2.ย Use geotagging on Instagram to make it easy for local users to find you.:

 Apart from using hashtags, include your location in the back of your Instagram posts and stories. Geotagging can be done using one or both of these: the city or location of your company.

The location where the photo or video was taken. Locations are crucial for increasing your Instagram followers since they are part of a distinct Instagram search feature on Instagram.

Additionally, a particular area also has its own Story, just as hashtags function, so be sure you include an area sticker to your Stories.

Local businesses, specifically those with local customers, could benefit from tags placed on locations because they are easily discovered by potential customers who live in their area. :

3 Hack your Instagram Stories to Increase Followerโ€™s:

followers Instagram Story is a different kind of Instagram Story that should be handled separately. With over 400 million active daily Stories, Story pushed Instagram even further into the top social media tools.

Instagram Stories can assist you in increasing the number of Instagram followers since it’s an additional section located at the top of Instagram’s results pages for search. This means that even when your followers don’t follow your account when they type in Instagram, it will allow them to find and view your posted Stories. Here are some ways to gain more followers through Your Instagram Stories: Add hashtags to your Instagram Stories.

You can use hashtag stickers that are located in the Story settings to add the caption that is relevant to the hashtag. After adding the hashtag, you will be featured on Story results for the hashtag you chose. RA Store featured #fashionistas results in Story results by including the hashtag in its Story.

Include a location in your Instagram story. Tag your stories by using the location sticker in the menu so that you can be shown on the search result for that particular area.

Furthermore, when you utilize location stickers to mark the location or establishment on Instagram Stories, you can be included in the country or city in which that landmark or establishment is located.

If, for instance, you choose to tag your Story from Eiffel Tower, it could be included within The Story for both the Eiffel Tower as an iconic landmark and Paris as a city.

 4 – Work with influencers in niches who have similar audiences to you.

 Influencer marketing has grown in popularity with Instagram advertisers due to its cost-effective approach to helping their companies gain new followers and boost their brand’s visibility.

Although there may be Instagram influencers with an enormous following, they might not be the best fit for your company. The best option is to join forces with influencers in niches that have the same audience you do. These influencers in niches have followers that are respected and loved by your intended viewers.

If, for instance, you’re an online retailer, search for credible fashion bloggers who you can collaborate with. Seven Seas Perfect7 partnered with an influencer in the beauty field to promote its women’s supplement line.

5 – Conduct Instagram events or giveaways.

A simple yet effective method of gaining an increase in Instagram users is to hold Instagram contests or hold giveaways. In addition to increasing your followers and boosting the amount of engagement.

To get Instagram giveaways and contests to succeed, use simple rules, like soliciting people to join your account and leaving comments or likes on your contest’s photo to be able to participate. Here are some tips for running Instagram giveaways and contests that can help you increase your followers:

Request to tag an additional person or two. It is possible to add to your giveaway or contest the rules for them to take part; they have to leave a comment on your post and tag their families, friends, or anyone else they know.

This is a form of recommendation to draw more people to check out your content and hopefully encourage them to sign up. For instance, Soap & Glory hosted an event asking Instagram users to follow their posts, like their page, and tag three of their friends. Include a user-generated material (UGC) element.

You might also consider adding a UGC element to giveaways and contests by asking participants to share photos on their Instagram accounts with the hashtag associated with your giveaway or contest and then tag your account. This will increase your exposure to their followers.

6. Join forces with Another Brand. Did you know the phrase, “two heads are better than one”?

Many brands there are willing to collaborate with other brands to expand their reach and content. audience. Find a different business or anyone who isn’t your direct rival willing to partner for a joint campaign.

The collaboration will allow you to increase the amount of money you spend on marketing. Many other brands are willing to publish content for your company in exchange for high-quality videos or photos.

For instance, you could take an item from your own and a product from a different brand and make a photo shoot or a video showcasing the two items.

It is possible to request that the other brand upload or re-post your content, and mention you on your Instagram profile.

You could get some more Instagram fans from their following. Tasty is a brand that has a partnership with other companies, for example, Johnnie Walker above, by making viral videos to highlight the partner brand’s products.

7 – Take advantage of your competitors’ Instagram followers.

Another smart and effective method of gaining more Instagram followers is to use your competitor’s Instagram followers. The followers of your competitors’ Instagram followers are the exact kind of followers that you’re trying to attract and interact with. In short, they’re the kind of followers you’d like for your company because they’ve displayed the same enthusiasm and a preference for the product you offer.

Why not try to steal most popular competitors’ Instagram followers? How? It is important to interact directly with your competitors. Below are some ways to make your competitors’ followers follow you and follow the most active commenters of your competitors Follow two or three pictures of your competitors’ most active users Comment on posts of your competitors’ followers.

Remember to keep this to the minimum, perhaps engaging with up to 100 people daily in order to avoid being labeled a a spammer. There are companies that pay for an automated tools to accomplish this,

however you can accomplish this on your own time and without any cost. Insta Massive Followership Many businesses and entrepreneurs don’t just search for ways to advertise on Instagram but have also seen Instagram as a means to connect with new audiences.

This is the reason they’re looking for methods to increase the number of an increase in Instagram followers. The truth is that even if you’re famous, it’s impossible to gain that huge following on Instagram quickly.

You’ll need to make the effort to get followers to follow your company. We have a list of easy ways to gain more Instagram followers will allow you to gather followers of high quality that fit with your brand. Keep in mind however that the most important thing is to be in touch and

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