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Adding Social Media Pop-ups to Your WordPress Website

Utilizing pop-ups from social media on your WordPress site to increase your social media followers is a great way to increase your social media followers. Pop-ups attract attention from visitors and then encourage them to behave in a particular manner. They generally are utilized to collect email addresses. But, if the goal is to increase your social media presence It makes sense to make use of pop-ups to accomplish this.

Making pop-ups using Opti Monster

OptinMonster is a lead generation tool which can help you increase your social media followers by displaying pop-ups for the WordPress website. Utilizing Canvas it is possible to create customized pop-ups that are specifically designed to your website’s requirements.

You can easily design an a Twitter follow opt-in pop-up, the Facebook like pop-up or a pop-up for a different social media platform.

Be aware of the best time and place to show the pop-up. People will be drawn to a site because it adds value on their daily lives a certain way. Users require time to interact with your website and become acquainted to it. Therefore, if they have the option of joining your social media accounts they’ll jump at it.

Thus, displaying an ad when visitors are on your site is not the best method to increase the number of followers. The ideal is to wait until they’ve been on your website for some time or have read a certain amount. It is then possible to show a properly-timed pop-up or one that is displayed when a visitor has scrolled down the page to an exact level. You can also create the exit-related pop-up.

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Using Exit Intent Technology

A different type of pop-up you can use for the WordPress web page is an exit message. This kind of pop-up utilizes exit intent technology that detects the moment when a visitor is likely to leave your website. A pop-up then appears prior to the user leaving.

A pop-up that allows users to exit is particularly beneficial for gathering social media followers. At the point that a visitor is willing to leave your website they’ll know the services you provide. So, by displaying an exit pop-up after they have left, there is the probability of making them a social media fan.

Be careful not to make use of many pop-ups. Many pop-ups can cause a negative reaction to your viewers and could affect your ranking with Google. Test different pop-ups and track the analytics to find out the type of response your audience responds best to. Make sure to run the pop-up with the highest conversion rates.

Displaying a Hello Bar

The display of a Hello Bar on your WordPress site is an easy method to automate the promotion of your social media accounts and increase the number of followers. The hello bar is displayed at the top or bottom of a website page, or it can move as the user scrolls through the page. Since it is always in view of your visitors it’s a fantastic location to highlight the importance of your message, for example, an announcement about your joining via social media.

SumoMe is a no-cost WordPress plugin that allows you to include a “hello” bar or smart bar, in the way that SumoMe describes it to your web page. The SumoMe smart bars can be customized to show an encouraging message for either the user to follow a Twitter follower or Facebook like.

You are in control of how and where the smart bar is displayed and when it is upgraded to SumoMe Pro you can add the conversion and tracking the bar with pixels. This lets you track how effective your smart bar has been in the conversion of your WordPress visitors into social media users.

A hello bar functions similar to pop-ups, but it is less disruptive. However, it’s more prominent since it is at the attention of the people who visit your site. Therefore, it is an effective method to increase the number of social media followers on your WordPress website.

Content Lockers and Social Media

Utilizing Content lockers in your WordPress website is a great way in increasing the number of followers you have on social media. Content lockers keep information from the public until they complete an action you choose that, in this instance is following you on any or more of your social media platforms.

Ninja Popups is an premium WordPress popup plug-in that in addition to numerous other functions, lets you to include the social media lockers onto your site. Ninja Popups features the drag-and-drop feature of a visual editor, which makes it simple to modify the social media content lockers to meet the specific requirements of your website and also display your social channels you prefer.

The secret to success of a content locker is to conceal information that is important to your target audience. You can lock away your most well-known and most effective blog posts, sexy images and videos that are interesting or offer discount coupons. The more sought-after the hidden content is and the more people follow you on social media in order to gain access to it.

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