How to get 1000 views on TikTok with the help of Fbsub.de?

The tool is quite similar to other tricks out there such as Popular up and Autofree. in for instance.

I have been using this tool for quite a while and I think you should give it a try as well.

Fbsub.de provides is an application that provides free TikTok likes and views on your videos.

The tool can also be used for other platforms like gaining Instagram likes and Youtube subscribers.

What is Fbsub.de?

Fbsub.de is one of the popular hacks to get 1000 views and likes on your TikTok account. The website has gained momentum in the last couple of years.

The tool also works for various social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you are running an online business on TikTok and want to gain popularity, they could be your best bet.

The tool doesnโ€™t ask for any credits to gain followers and views on TikTok.

Features of Fbsub.de

Here I would discuss some of the popular features of Fbsub.de.

  • The website aids in increasing TikTok views and likes on your account.
  • The tool can be utilized for other social platforms as well.
  • Data is protected as Fbsub.de is safeguarded by SSL certification.
  • Up to 1000 likes and views could be extracted in a single day.
  • Helps in monetizing and handling multiple TikTok accounts.
  • Extremely safe to use and UI is user-friendly.
  • Useful for people who are interested in increasing their TikTok reach.
  • No human verification is necessary for using this tool.


Letโ€™s discuss some of its key disadvantages!

  • de website contains lots of unnecessary Ads that might be irritating for some users.
  • Not all features are available in the free version. The premium features have to be bought separately in form of a monthly subscription.
  • The tool also has an application that is available on the APK store. Unfortunately, this can only be downloaded on Android smartphones.
  • Sometimes, views and likes are lost after a few months on TikTok accounts


Size 7 Mb
Availability APK store
Download versions Android and Windows
Spam score No virus or malware detected
Developed by Fbsub.de.com
Country of origin USA


Top 5 Alternatives of Fbsub.de

In case the tool is not working, you can use the following alternatives instead. They are listed below.

How to download the application?

There are two ways by which you can access the website. If you are using a laptop then you can directly browse on your chrome browser.

However, for Android users, there is an official application available on the APK store. Unfortunately, there is no application for Fbsub.de for IOS users.

User guide

Here I would be sharing a user guide for Fbsub.de pro to get free TikTok auto likes, views, and comments on your profile.

  1. Firstly, you need to type de to get started. If you are using an Android smartphone you can start with its application.
  2. Now this will take you to the homepage of the website. Here you would solve After solving the captcha, press Enter.
  3. Try to locate the TikTok option in the search bar. Once you have found then press it.
  4. A search bar will open where the tool will ask for your TikTok credentials. Here you will post your TikTok username and press the search button.
  5. Once your TikTok account is identified by the application, you will find Send fans Click on it and TikTok followers and views would be sent to your account.


Final words

A fbsub.de pro is an amazing tool for getting free TikTok likes, views, tags, and comments on your profile.

The application can also be used for Facebook likes, Instagram followers, and Youtube subscribers for instance

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