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How to increase Instagram Follower using Popular up App in 2022

Popular up is a social media tool to boost post engagements and to get followers and likes on different social media platforms.

Many users get benefits through Instagram once they achieved a specific amount of followers.

Like many individuals act as influencers over getting massive followers or many brands hire these influencers to promote their products.

This tool is particularly designed to enhance the profile’s reachability of Users.

Many users paid massive amounts to increase their followers/likes on Instagram and Tik Tok.

This tool has made sure the boost of Instagram or Tik Tok profiles without spending any money.

Popular up Tik Tok

Popular up Tik Tok works in the same manner as popular up Instagram does.

The only difference is that users need to provide the details of their Tik Tok account to log in and proceed with an order.

Users need to spend coins to get free followers or views on their videos content.

Users need to spend at least 100 coins to get five followers on their Tik Tok account.


  • You can get the maximum number of followers and likes
  • User can boost their social media profiles without spending money
  • It can enhance their post reachability
  • Popular up tool provide followers from real working IDs.
  • This tool permits  5 likes and followers on spending 100 coins.
  • Users can proceed with the order after every 2 hours.


File size 10.2MB (latest version)
File format APK
Version 2.2.6 latest
Rating 4.9
Downloads 355.3k+
Developed by Popularup.com
Language English
Category Social

 Popular up old version download

Users can download this app to get boost their followers or likes on Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social apps. This app is available in Single format but in four versions.

The old version of popular up is available with a file size of 9.6MB.

The old version of this app had the android version of v 2.2.1.

There are two more old versions of v 2.1.7, v 2.0.8 updated on Sep 19th & 6th august respectively.

Popular up Latest version

The popular up app was updated on 3rd July 2020 with the version of 2.2.6 and having file format in the APK as well.

The new version is available with v2.2.6 and has a file size of 10.2MB.

The new version of the popular up app contains the paid category for its users.

Users can get an unlimited number of followers or likes by spending a specific amount of money.

Popular up APK

This app is available only for the android version and is not accessible to IOS users.

This app is available in APK file format and users can download this app to boost their social media profiles.

Users can also access its website and provide log-in details in case the APK file not working due to some troubleshooting.

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 How to download popular up?

Firstly users need to fill up the captcha to proceed further and to download the app.

Search on Google โ€œpopular upโ€ or click the option.

Press the Download button having the file size of 10.2MB in the latest version and 9.6MB for the older version.

The user needs to wait for at least 15 seconds until the download starts automatically.

Save the file in the desired location and after download opens the app to use.

How to use popular up?

Once the app is downloaded, now use the app to get desired results for your social media profiles.

There are few guidelines for beginners regarding โ€œhow to use popular upโ€.

  • Open the app and provide your login details such as the “username & password” of your Instagram/Tik Tok/ Facebook profile.

  • After Login details click on the option of โ€œConnect with Instagramโ€.

  • Users need to provide login details using the app. Some apps require only a username to get log-in but this app requires a username and password to sign in.
  • Afterward, the new tab will open and the user needs to click the option of “View”.

  • Now users need to press the option of โ€œLikeโ€ to earn coins.


  • There is another source where users can get coins by completing different tasks. Users need to spend coins to get followers or likes.


  • Once the users have a sufficient amount of coins to spend then they can get free followers or likes.


Alternatives of Popular up app

There are multiple apps or social tools that allow users to get boost their social media profiles without spending any amount.

These tools allow its users to enhance their post’s reachability without using the hashtags.

There are free tools like โ€œZefoy, Allasmo, My tools town, Pikdo, and many more that enable its users to boost their social media profiles.

Is popular up safe?โ€

This is spam free and authentic having more than 355k+ downloads and 4.9-star ratings.

This app requires the username and password of your social media profile to proceed with the order but never compromise on users’ data security.

 Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Free app and doesnโ€™t charge a single penny from its users Once the order is done, the next order takes 2 hours to proceed
File size does not occupy too much space Too many ads
Authentic app The app is only available for Android versions
Unlimited use to get free followers and likes Users need to follow/likes other profiles to earn coins
No spam factor Not accessible for IOS users
Use active IDs to give followers/likes Require complete Login-in details


The popular up app has many key features that make it prominent among its rivals.

Users can get free followers and likes without spending whopping amounts, unlike other social tools.

This app enables its users to boost their social media profiles and never compromise on users’ data security.

There are plenty of features and categories that enable this app to grab the attention of the users.

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