What is zefoy? user perfect guideline of Zefoy in 2022

Zefoy also known as viptool.es is a free social app that permits its users to get free likes, followers, and comments on their Instagram posts.

Zefoy app is perfectly working in Indonesia and grabbing the attention of social media users across the country.

This app is developed by Zefoy.ID and serving its users with its unique features.

This app is available for android users not for IOS users. This app is not limited to Instagram but also TIK TOK users can get benefit from this app.

Zefoy APK download

This app is available only in APK files and valid only for android users. Users can download the APK file and after log-in (only user name) credentials, they can get unlimited free likes, followers on Instagram.

The file size of this app is reduced to 3.7MB from 9.7MB after an update.

Zefoy for Instagram

Zefoy app enables its users to boost their Instagram posts and reduce the usage of hashtags to reach individuals on Instagram.

This app provides unlimited likes and followers on Instagram profiles without charging any amount.

Users can get the maximum number of likes and followers after spending a specific amount of coins.

Users donโ€™t need to get log-in to obtain the desired result.

Zefoy Update

This is only available in APK files and for android users only.

This app was updated in September and is available with v1.o having a file size of 9.7MB.

Afterward, this app was updated in march and the file size was reduced to 3.6MB only with the v3.0 version. 

Users can simply download it from Google.

Zefoy Tik Tok

Zefoy Tik Tok works in the same manner as zefoy Instagram works.

This app permits all the Tik Tok users to gain followers and boost views on their videos without spending any particular amount.

This app equally works on the new account as well as the old account.

Users can get unlimited followers and views on their content after spending coins.

This app allows its users to generate coins through a free mechanism.

Zefoy youtube

Zefoy youtube grants its users to get unlimited views on their video content as well subscribers.

Zefoy has made it pretty easy for all the new accounts to get flourish in a short span of time.

This app enables the users to get views on their videos and boost their reachability to many users of youtube.

Users can get maximum results on their youtube profiles by just following the given below userโ€™s guide.

How to get views and likes using Zefoy?

  • Users need to search “zefoy.comโ€ on GOOGLE.
  • Complete the captcha to proceed further.
  • The new tab will open having multiple options.
  • The user needs to click on the desired option.
  • Enter the URL of your post in the search tab.
  • The interface will open your post to preview and proceed further.
  • Click on the option of “Send” and the user will get its order to deliver within 30-40 minutes.


Version                              v3.0

File format                         APK

Latest Updated on            Mar 02, 2022

Developer                         ZEFOY.ID

File size                            9.6MB for v1.0/ 3.7MB for v3.0

Available                          Android version

Users                               50k+

Rating                              4.5 star


  • Increase unlimited followers on your new account
  • Free app with user-friendly interface
  • Unlimited likes and followers on your account
  • 100% Authentic and spam-free
  • No permission is required to use
  • Extremely superfast


  • Stream free
  • Free download
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available in 2 versions
  • The file size is too small
  • Instant download without any survey completion


  • Third-party involvement
  • Ads and promotions
  • APK file may contain the virus
  • No automatic update

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is it safe to use?

Yes, this app is 100 authentic and spam-free but the only problem is that sometimes APK files may contain a virus.

Why android app permission is needed to download the app?

Every file needs to get permission before downloading, users need to grant permission for the smooth run of the app.

Is it legit or a scam?

This app is legit and perfectly working in Indonesia and grabbing the attention of its users across the country.

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The only drawback of zefoy.com is, it takes almost 30-40 minutes to proceed new order.

To overcome this problem users need to connect VPN if they want to proceed new order immediately.

Users can use different Ip addresses through a VPN that won’t make any hurdle for immediate orders.


Zefoy has made it pretty easy for the millions of users of Instagram to get free likes and followers.

Many users are paying whopping amounts on the garb of getting their posts reachability.  

This app not only provides free likes or followers but also has the trust of thousands of users who are facilitating from this app.

This app is authentic and spam-free and doesn’t charge hidden charges from its users.

There are multiple features that make it stand tall among its rivals and flourish at a fast pace.

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